·Universal & Cadillac, my love for you is to let go

There was once a popular song on the Internet called "There is a kind of love called letting go." Although not very savvy, the Cadillac brand's independent operation can also be regarded as a "dismissal" for Cadillac.
Cadillac solo. Careful people will find that Cadillac's independence is as early as 2010.
In 2009, GM filed an application for bankruptcy protection. In order to avoid the negative impact of bankruptcy, in the GM internal restructuring plan, there have been some measures to make Cadillac more independent: At that time, the Cadillac spokesperson said in March 2010 that Cadillac’s marketing and agency rights will be in the future. The word "General" will no longer appear, and Cadillac's internal email address has changed from "@gm.com" to "@cadillac.com".
Of course, the brand independence story that happened four years later is no longer to get rid of the negative image. After the completion of the reform in 2010, the GM, which has successfully turned around, has been profitable for three consecutive years. Among the brands that were retained, Chevrolet and Buick earned a lot of money, and Cadillac, a high-end luxury brand, almost meant something.
From the data point of view, in 2013, Cadillac's global sales totaled 251,000 vehicles, an increase of nearly 30% year-on-year, but thrown into the river in the same year, the global total sales of 9.71 million vehicles, the most will also hit a splash. So, we saw a series of actions from the beginning of September this year.
On September 23, GM announced the global medium-term strategic plan for 2014-2018. Cadillac will operate as an independent business unit and move Cadillac's global headquarters to New York, with plans to begin operations in the second quarter of 2015. Headquarters migration involves only marketing and sales, does not affect product development and design, and the R&D department will remain in the Detroit area. Shortly thereafter, with the new flagship model CT6, Cadillac will adopt a new naming convention.
On November 21st, Cadillac President John De Nie said that by 2017, Cadillac will independently publish its financial report and will double its sales in 2020. By 2017, the focus will be on product, distribution rights and mass production issues, which may dilute GM's overall performance. But by 2018, Cadillac's contribution to GM will be equally divided with other brands. In 2020, its profit margin will reach more than 10%.
On December 5th, GM held a Cadillac press conference in Shanghai. The conference reaffirmed the independence of the Cadillac brand and its positioning and specific development plans after independence, including the launch of new models. The point is that in the revival of Cadillac, the significance of the Chinese market lies.
Three doses of prescriptions To reinvigorate the Cadillac brand, the general prescription for the right medicine, opened the first dose of prescription.
Among the prescriptions, the drug is brand independent. John De Nie, the president of Cadillac, who took office in August this year, is the operator of the Cadillac brand revitalization plan. After the announcement in September, he said that "Cadillac must return to the first line of luxury cars first. It is to draw a clear line with GM and establish a unique brand attribute and brand culture."
However, brand independence, in addition to the brand culture and positioning will be more clear, and the other brands to clear the boundaries, more is Cadillac has more freedom and space to play in the future brand strategy, market planning and Above the product positioning, you will have the right to decide without being constrained.
To put it bluntly, in order to show that Cadillac is a high-end luxury brand, GM will make its own independence to draw a line on the brand, and after independence, it will give enough freedom, enough money, and guarantee sufficient resources, as long as your recruit is Good and useful, then you can build it, and GM is standing behind.
After the suffocation given by the medicine, other medicines are easy to pick, headaches, pains, and pains.
What is the short board of Cadillac? The gap in brand power is not to be said, and the most obvious is the lack of product lines. At present, Cadillac sells a handful of models: ATS, CTS, XTS and extended-range electric vehicles ELR in the car, SRX and Escalade in the SUV. Aside from the new energy vehicles, the number of remaining models is small and the coverage of the market segments is small.
At the press conference in Shanghai, Cadillac President John De Nie said that in the future, several new models will be launched, in which the sedan will be launched in a small, compact, medium and large scale, and three more. The positioning of the new car will be between compact and medium-sized; the increasingly hot SUV market is even more important, and will fill the gap between SRX and SRX and Escalade, including small, compact, medium One large new model, one more is between compact and medium.
With the rich product sequence, Cadillac also intends to give new naming rules. The new naming will more directly indicate the market positioning of the model. Take the upcoming CT6 as an example. CT represents the sedan and 6 represents the positioning. The larger the number, the more luxurious the model. However, the new naming rules will only appear on new models, and there will be no changes to existing models. When the life cycle of the existing model is over and the new generation is entered, the new naming method will begin.
The last medicine is the market. As a US-based brand, Cadillac's largest market is naturally in the United States. In 2013, US sales accounted for 70% of Cadillac's global sales. However, the United States is not the largest luxury car market. The largest luxury market is now in Europe, the second in the US, and the third in China, and the strength is strong. According to research institutes, by 2020, China and Europe have basically the same market share, about 30%, while the US will drop slightly below the current market share, about 20%. Naturally, in the planning before 2020, the Chinese market is the highlight of Cadillac.
For the Chinese market, Cadillac has three moves:
1. Accelerate the introduction of new products: In the next five years, Cadillac will launch 9 new cars in China. 2. Localization: Shanghai GM's Cadillac exclusive plant is under construction and will be completed next year with a planned production capacity of 160,000 vehicles by 2018. 95% of Cadillac products sold in China will be produced locally. 3. Understand consumers: With the rich product line, the positioning of each model naturally needs to be more clear to distinguish, but to be distributed in the Chinese market. It is natural to have a better understanding of Chinese consumers. As the purchasing power of the younger generation of consumers grows, Cadillac also focuses on young people.
These three moves are actually things that many other brands that are competing for the fourth place in the domestic luxury car market are doing. At the press conference, John De Nie mentioned that 4G technology will be introduced to the domestic market next year. On the models sold. Perhaps this can be regarded as a good start. After a lot of new technology has been forced to lag or even have no chance to see it, consumers have paid attention to it.

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