UK launches "Cheung" fuel bus for cruising 186km

The United Kingdom recently launched the world's first biological bus fueled by “dung”. It is said that only 5 adults need one year’s “dung volume” to support the Bio-Bus' 305km walk. So you probably don't collect money from this bus.

      Do not believe? Look at the car body painting, it is a very graphic representation of the moral of this car. Whenever you are in the car, you may hear the driver shouting from time to time: "The amount of manure is not enough, and everyone will work harder to pull more points." This bus has a total of 40 seats (or the toilet is not necessarily). In the case of full cylinders, it can operate at full load for 186km. The editor thinks slightly, if you encounter diarrhea passengers, life may increase.
       After joking, in fact, the bus produced by GENECO is driven by biomethane. However, these biomethanes are derived from human waste and fecal matter. As long as a method called anaerobic digestion is used, biomethane can be obtained. . It is reported that the carbon emissions of traditional fuel buses of this type of fuel vehicle are reduced by more than 30%.

This GEke-produced bus is driven by biomethane, but these biomethanes are derived from human waste and excreta.

According to reports, GENEeco is collecting raw materials from 8,300 local community families and even bus passengers (indifferent to the faeces) to generate fuel for buses. We hope that this technology will also be available in China at an early date.

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