The 10th China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition Successfully Closed

On December 2nd, the 10th China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the Guangzhou Auto Show) came to a successful conclusion. In the special context of the 10th anniversary of the Guangzhou Auto Show, this auto show enriches the essence of the past decade review, but also shows a grand blueprint for the future, which has been widely concerned. This auto show lasted for ten days and was the first auto industry event with the longest running time, the largest scale and the highest exhibiting scale in Guangzhou Auto Show. Apart from the unprecedented passenger car exhibition, the two professional exhibitions of auto parts and commercial vehicles that were independently set up for the first time have also become a great stage for all manufacturers to follow the pulse of the industry and display fashionable and cutting-edge technology products. In the face of the test of the macroeconomic situation, the 10th Guangzhou Auto Show brought together the confidence of the manufacturers, the market and the public and handed in a perfect answer.

I. The exhibition brand has reached its peak and the scale has reached new heights

After ten years of hard work, the Guangzhou Auto Show has become an important “wind vane” for the Chinese auto market and has become a major platform for domestic and foreign major auto brands to operate and develop the Chinese market. Although this year's global economic trend is still at a low point and major manufacturers in the auto industry are facing new challenges, this year's Guangzhou Auto Show (Weibo) is still highly concerned and fully invested by all parties.

(1) The scale of exhibition has reached a new high of ten years

The 10th Guangzhou Auto Show exhibited a total area of ​​200,000 square meters. Compared with the previous session, the growth rate reached 11.1%, the entire vehicle exhibition area reached 160,000 square meters, and the auto parts and automotive supplies exhibition area reached 40,000. Square meters. All these data have created a 10-year history of the Guangzhou Automobile Show, and have also become the largest single event in the history of the main exhibition center Pazhou Convention Center.

(2) The total number of exhibitors continues to grow, and there is no shortage of important car companies

The automotive industry’s mainstream manufacturers have increased their enthusiasm for exhibiting at the Guangzhou Auto Show. According to statistics, as many as 737 companies participated in this Guangzhou Auto Show; among them, 115 are vehicle manufacturers, and 622 are auto parts and auto parts manufacturers. None of the major car companies are absent from the current auto show, and they have made great innovations in terms of specifications, scale, and exhibition strength.

(3) Exhibiting models are more colorful

As one of the core elements of automotive exhibitions, the models exhibited by various manufacturers have become an important indicator of the popularity of the auto show. This year's Guangzhou Auto Show will exhibit 950 vehicles, with the world's first 34 vehicles, including 4 multinational companies exhibiting the world's first cars; and Asia's first 23 vehicles, all of which have reached record highs. New models such as the Honda Insight, the new Santana, the new Bora, the Sagitar Blue Drive, the Hippocampus M3, the Na Zhijie S5, the Volvo V40 crossover, the Citroen C4L, the Acura ILX, the Lifan 720, and the Wingshen black and white version will be put on display in Guangzhou. The focus of the global automotive industry.

Second, the professional pursuit of the achievement of the three major professional exhibition

The 10th Guangzhou Auto Show follows the theme of the first Guangzhou Auto Show ten years ago: “Leading the direction and managing the future” as a tribute to the glorious history of Guangzhou Auto Show. Specialization has also become the most significant pursuit of the current auto show. The Guangzhou International Commercial Vehicles Exhibition and the Guangzhou International Auto Parts & Accessories Exhibition, which were created in a professional manner, were the first professional exhibitions to be independently set up and were listed as the biggest highlights of the current Guangzhou Auto Show. The three major professional exhibitions go hand in hand to create a complete new automobile industry chain in a professional model and create a new concept for the exhibition model of China's comprehensive automobile exhibition.

In the exhibition of passenger cars, major brands at home and abroad have made strong appearances at this exhibition. Volkswagen, GM, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, PSA Group, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Subaru, Suzuki, Hyundai Multinational corporations are still presenting their core technologies in the strongest lineup; independent brands such as FAW, SAIC, GAC, Chang'an, Chery, Geely, Great Wall, and BYD continue to keep pace with their rapid development and demonstrate the charm of Chinese manufacturing for the industry; The first-time addition of high-end brands such as Kailun has made the luxury cars that have attracted wide attention even more dazzling.

For the first time, a commercial vehicle exhibition that was independently exhibited used three pavilions at the Pazhou Convention and Exhibition Center, with an exhibition area of ​​30,000 square meters, which was significantly higher than that of the commercial vehicle exhibiting sections of the previous Guangzhou Auto Show. Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Truck, FAW, Dongfeng, Jianghuai, Jiangling, Futian, Iveco and other mainstream commercial vehicle brands met with the public in this collective, among which Iveco launched three Asian star products including Starlis Hi-Way. World Bus Asia Expo as a professional organization to fully support this event, Yutong, Hagrid and other famous bus companies for the first time on the Guangzhou Auto Show platform.

The same bright spot flashes in the exhibition of auto parts and supplies. This professional exhibition attracted the active participation of the automotive new energy testing technology, automotive manufacturing equipment, automotive remanufacturing, automotive aftermarket, etc., Bridgestone, Giti, Pirelli, Jebsen Industrial, Johnson Controls, Cummins Engine, Love A large number of first-line brands in the industry, including Shin Seiki and Guangzhou Automobile Parts, have appeared and the exhibition scale has reached 40,000 square meters. As the first professional exhibition to be set up independently, this year's parts and accessories exhibition has achieved remarkable success in the buyer organization. Over 10,000 buyer organizations or individuals successively connected with the exhibitors through multiple procurement matching sessions with different priorities. It embodies the important value of Guangzhou Auto Show as the most professional international trade exchange platform in South China.

Third, thematic exchange resources to share, capture new opportunities in the industry

The Guangzhou Auto Show is not only an exhibition platform for the overall level of the industry, but also an important window for all parties in the automotive industry to exchange industry information, facilitate the sharing of resources, and capture new opportunities. During the current Guangzhou Auto Show, the organizers and industry organizations have organized more than 20 important industry forums and exchange activities, making the current Guangzhou Auto Show industry's role more three-dimensional and full.

The "2012 China Auto Dealer Guangzhou Auto Show Summit Forum" held during this auto show brought together nearly 1,500 industry elites from various sectors including government departments, economic circles, auto industry organizations, auto manufacturers, auto dealers, and media. And VIP, talk about the automotive market trends. The seminars such as “The Way to Break through the Micro-growth Era” and “The Green Future of the Automotive Industry” closely follow the trend of industrial development and face the pressing issues of concern to the automotive industry.

In addition, the “China (Guangzhou) Truck Night” and the BAAV World Bus Alliance sponsored the theme themes “World Bus Expo Caring Children's Travel School Bus Day” and “New Energy Vehicles and Key Components” sponsored by the China Electric Apparatus Research Institute. The technology development forum and the exchange activities of parts and supplies in the "IWTTA Greater China Automotive Film Craftsman Exhibition Match" led by IWTTA International Energy-Saving Window Film Association also made this Guangzhou Auto Show even more brilliant.

As an important exhibitor of all previous Guangzhou Auto Shows, Japanese car representatives Toyota, Honda and Nissan have received high attention from all parties in the industry at this auto show. In the face of declining sales in the market, how will Japanese car companies respond? The companies gave a satisfactory answer to this question. At this year's auto show, the Japanese representative Honda’s exhibition area has continued to increase substantially compared with previous years, and the first hybrid vehicles INSIGHT, CR-Z and FIT Hybrid and other environmentally friendly new energy models; and Toyota officials “to make Japan’s Toyota The remarks that became China's Toyota exhibited Toyota's firm determination to establish itself in the Chinese market.

Fourth, considerate service, give back to the public

The 10th Guangzhou Auto Show extended its exhibition period from 7 days to 10 days for the first time. The climate change in Guangzhou in the sudden warmth of November did not affect the enthusiasm of the audience, and the unexpected cold weather was even more unstoppable. According to statistics, as of the 9-day exhibition period last night (December 1st), the show received a total of 560,000 visitors, significantly refreshing the number of visitors to the Guangzhou Auto Show, and the highest peak daily traffic was 118,119. The enthusiasm of the audience "ignited" the atmosphere of the auto show, injecting new vitality into the automotive industry's prosperity and confidence.

In the face of the enthusiasm of the public from all walks of life, the Guangzhou Automobile Exhibition Organizing Committee has also made great efforts in the public service of the exhibition, vigorously improved the hardware and software conditions, and provided considerate services to meet the higher requirements of the audience.

In the aspect of ticket purchase, the current Guangzhou Automobile launched a multi-channel advance ticketing service such as telephone, SMS, internet, business outlets, and convenient supermarket stores, and continued to retain the traditional Yangchengtong “live brush” channel and convenient mobile phone. Buy tickets. On the site of the venue, this exhibition introduced a fully automatic electronic ticket changer, which comprehensively improved the ticket redemption link for the general audience and provided viewers with faster and more convenient services.
In terms of venue transportation, the exhibition set up more free shuttle buses between the venues and the major transportation nodes in the city, which constitutes the city's green bus lines for the on-site visitors to and from multiple transportation links.

In terms of on-site arrangement, the exhibition set up a personalized site guide to make the flow of people in each exhibition area more reasonable and even, so that the audience can get more convenient instructions in parking, admission and other links. The stadium site also introduced mobile software downloads to provide timely information and guidance services to the audience.

In terms of media reporter services, in order to facilitate the on-site interview needs of media reporters, the General Assembly has set up a news center, a dedicated interview area and a lounge for 6,800 journalists in 1,552 media to attend, in an effort to provide reporters and friends with convenient and comfortable reports. surroundings. These measures have been widely appreciated by the media reporters.

V. Outlook 2013: No Stopping in the Past Decade and New Challenges

The successful holding of the 10th Guangzhou Auto Show brought a complete summary of the 10-year glorious history of the Guangzhou Auto Show since its inception in 2003, and also triggered new expectations for the future Guangzhou Auto Show.

Guangzhou Automobile Exhibition organizers announced that the 11th Guangzhou Auto Show will be reopened from November 22 to November 30, 2013 (November 21 is Media Day). The organizer also promised that it will continue to improve and strengthen professional forums and deploy more advanced and user-friendly venue service facilities to meet the growing demand of the industry and the public for the exhibition.

Let us look forward to the 11th China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition in 2013 and wish the special and important industry festival on the Chinese auto map will have a better development and welcome the new journey!

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