“Same Continuity, Creating the Future” Triangle Group's 2015 Annual Marketing Meeting Was Held Successfully

On December 10th, 2014, the triangular marketing group's 2015 marketing annual meeting was held with the theme of “ Continue with others for a better future ”. More than 300 partners from all over the country gathered in Weihai to share marketing experience and seek common development. The conference commended the 2014 outstanding partners and Ding Yuhua, chairman of the Triangle Group, made a speech.

Triangle tires
Ding Yuhua, Chairman of the Triangle Group, delivered a speech

In 2014, the Triangle Group continued to promote the development strategy of the global market and achieved remarkable results. Manoki, the CEO of Delta International Marketing Center, made a report on this topic. In the increasingly tough global market, the triangle has established confidence in global partners with clear development goals, clear product planning, continuous product innovation, and continuously enhanced product performance and brand image.

The person in charge of the company's marketing, technology research and development system, manufacturing system, transformation and upgrading system, and financial capital operation system are closely related to the company's globalization development strategy, and promote global marketing work and market service strategy, product design, and new technology development. The development model of new productivity and supply chain finance made a detailed introduction to the participating partners. The representatives of the partners made presentations, shared their marketing experience, and looked forward to working with Delta tires to achieve new results in 2015.

Triangle tires
Triangle Tire Dealer Visits Products

Ding Yuhua, chairman of the company made an important speech at the meeting and exchanged views on the company's development history, the direction of transformation and upgrading in the future, the operation and development in 2014, and the work priorities in 2015 and the partners participating in the conference. He pointed out that in the course of nearly 40 years of development, Delta has established itself on the basis of the concept of a global market and established a low-carbon and green development model. After two rounds of transformation and upgrading, it will work together with partners to achieve win-win cooperation and sustainable development. Chairman Ding Yuhua in-depth analyzed and elaborated the development trend of the automobile and tire industry. Based on this, he stressed that the company will always grasp the main line of “transformation and upgrading”, establish the “marketing people” ideology, and unwaveringly take a good global approach. Develop the road of development, maximize the development and use of global market resources, provide support for partners and create greater benefits through the globalization of marketing, global technological innovation, global talent team and brand building, and work together to achieve mutual benefit development of.

In the afternoon of the same day, the group exchanged group meetings to expand the market channels, enhance the brand image, and so on. The participating partners shared their experiences and made constructive suggestions.

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