Reorganization of car enterprise personnel structure

Reorganization of car enterprise personnel structure
Since the beginning of 2014, there have been frequent changes in personnel in the domestic automobile industry, and no more than 20 rough estimates have been made. In addition to routine changes such as retirement, some of the group companies that have implemented a job rotation system have carried out internal personnel exchanges at the beginning of the year. Some car companies (especially those Japanese cars that performed poorly last year) have responded to the increasingly fierce market competition. Actively carry out the scheduling of senior management personnel; in addition, the professional managers dubbed as "high-risk occupations" in the industry have changed a few. The following is the details of the personnel changes in the auto industry organized by in the first quarter of 2014. Stay tuned!
â—† Beiqi Group's internal personnel adjustment
Following two large-scale personnel changes in March and May of last year, before and after the Spring Festival in 2014, BAIC conducted a new round of personnel adjustments. This change involved heads of BAIC and its subsidiaries.
Change announced time: early 2014
Specific adjustments include: Li Feng, who was just promoted to president of BAIC in May last year, serves as a member of the Standing Committee of the BAIC Group Committee and a director, and continues to serve as the president of BAIC.
Beijing Automotive Group Co., Ltd., chairman of Beijing Hainachuan Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Guo Xinmin is about to retire.
Cai Xiuping, Executive Vice President of Beijing Benz, stepped down and retained the group’s deputy chief position, in charge of personnel. At the same time, he served as a director of Beiqi Changhe; the former vice president of Beiqi Co., Chen Hongliang, succeeded Cai Suping.
Ma Tongli, deputy head of BAIC Group, no longer serves as general manager of the powertrain company, retains executive directorships and is also responsible for the Group's office work.
Bei Yonggui, vice president of Beijing Automotive Group, became the general manager of Hainachuan, a subsidiary of Beiqi Group.
Zheng Gang, director of public relations and administrative affairs of Beijing Automotive Group, was appointed as the general manager of BAIC New Energy Co., Ltd., and former general manager Fang Qing served as the general manager of BAIC Guangzhou Co., Ltd. and so on.
â—† Chang'an Group's internal personnel adjustment
In January 2014, Changan Automobile conducted internal high-level personnel adjustments, issued a notice regarding the specific division of labor and made public announcements. The following is the specific division of labor:
Xu Liuping, chairman of Changan Automobile, still leads the company in its overall work.
Zhang Baolin, president of the company, fully presided over the company's daily production, operation and management. Specifically responsible for foreign affairs, audit supervision, major corporate image promotion and other work.
Zhu Huarong is the secretary and vice president of the Party Committee and is responsible for the work of the company's party committee; he is responsible for the brand public relations and market planning, product planning for the vehicle's powertrain system, overall planning of passenger vehicle business, and overseas business development.
Vice President Luo Minggang is still assigned to serve Changan Ford Motor Co., Ltd.
Vice President Gong Bing is responsible for car sales and spare parts service, and is responsible for the car sales department and customer service company.
Vice President Wang Jun is responsible for the commercial vehicle business and is responsible for the Commercial Vehicle Division.
The former vice president, deputy secretary of the Party Committee, secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, chairman of the trade union, and general counsel Wang Shengsheng retired normally and no longer served in the aforementioned positions. The position of the general legal advisor was held by Ma Jun, vice president. The positions of deputy party secretary, secretary of the discipline committee, and union chairman Vice President Ren Qiang concurrently.
Cui Yunjiang is the vice president and chief accountant, and is responsible for contacting Changan Ford, Changan Mazda, Changan Suzuki, Jiangling Holdings, and Changan Ford Mazda Engine Plant.
Huang Zhongqiang, vice president, is responsible for logistics, manufacturing, security, confidentiality, engineering construction, and light vehicles.
Du Yi, the vice president, is responsible for the company's external associations and associations and assists with the sales of cars.
Liu Bo, the vice president, is responsible for the company's project promotion, technological management innovation, and new energy technology planning.
He Chaobing (Assistant President of the former Changan Automobile Co., Ltd. and General Manager of Beijing Changan Automobile Co., Ltd.) was promoted to the position of Vice President, responsible for coordinating the company's quality work.
â—† Yang Bo
Original post: Vice president of Brilliance Jinbei (has never appeared in the media within three years of serving)
Present position: General Manager of Sales Company of Brilliance Automotive Vehicle Sales Department
Change time: January 2
Reasons for the change: According to the high-level introduction of Huachen Group, Yang Bo, who had been used for three years, was able to guarantee continuous sales growth throughout the year and solve the worries of the future. The second is to boost the Gold Cup and China to re-enter the mainstream market for the new MPV and Greater China is ready to go public.
It is reported that Yang Bo joined Jinbei Group in 2000. Prior to that, he served as Deputy General Manager Assistant of FAW-Volkswagen. He became Deputy General Manager of Brilliance Jinbei Automobile Co., Ltd. in 2005 and led the sales and marketing work of Jinbei Bus and Zhonghua Sedan. He was Chery in August 2008. Dig away, as deputy general manager of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd., responsible for the day-to-day work of Anhui Qilin Motor Company, a high-end brand of Chery at that time. In October 2010, after Chery re-adjusted the brand, Yang Bo returned to Huachen Group again after leaving.
â—† Liu Hong
Original post: General Manager of Brilliance Automotive Sales
Current position: Party Secretary and Vice President of Jinbei Automobile Co., Ltd.
Change time: January 2
Reasons for the change: In early 2014, Chairman and President of Huachen Group Yu Yumin presided over the group's party-government joint expansion meeting and re-deployed the Group's new year's reform and management. The original general manager of Huachen Automobile Sales Company Liu Hong Transferred to Party Secretary and Vice President of Jinbei Automobile Co., Ltd.
â—† High depth of field
Original post: Deputy General Manager of GAC Gio
Present position: General Motors GIO General Manager
Change time: January 20
Reasons for the change: former vice president and general manager of GAC-Geo, Ruan Xuezhong took the initiative to make his career, resigned from the position of general manager, and retained only the post of vice chairman. Qi Xuezhong believed that Gao Jingshen, the successor, had established an excellent reputation when he was vice president of GAC Toyota. He believes that he is not only a quality expert, but also a management expert. The promotion of such a professional manager will enable the development of GAC Gonow. Faster, higher level.
â—† Sun Jie
Original post: Porsche China PR Director
Current position: Director of Marketing and Communications, McLaren Asia Pacific
Change time: February 7
Reasons for change: Sun Jie, who has been serving for 10 years in Porsche China, is a major player in his current brand influence in China. At the end of 2013, Sun Jie left the company from Porsche China. In September 2013, the British supercar brand McLaren China was formally established, but its brand awareness has a huge gap with its competitors, and Sun Jie, who is at home, is exactly what she lacks.
â—† Xie Chongwei
Original post: General Manager, Government Affairs, GE Aviation China
Present position: Vice President of General Motors China,
Change time: February 7
Reasons for the change: Xie Chongwei has extensive experience in government relations and has accumulated extensive and deep background in government relations and sales. Qian Huikang, president of General Motors China, stated that Xie Chongwei will help enhance the company’s corporate image in China. At the same time, it deepened the cooperative relationship between General Motors and its partners and further strengthened GM’s government relations strategy.
â—† Wang Yan
Original post: Head of Public Relations and Media Communication, Beijing Benz
Present position: Executive Vice President, Jaguar Land Rover China
Change time: February 14
Reasons for change: As a senior public relations person, Wang Yan has worked hard in the Chinese auto market for many years and has accumulated profound theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the industry. On the other hand, 2014 was a critical year for the development of Jaguar Land Rover in China. It is actively introducing local talents and creating excellent teams. Wang Yan's public relations communications have won the favor of Jaguar Land Rover China executives.
â—† Tian smart
Original post: General manager of FAW Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd.
Present position: General Manager of Tianjin FAW Xiali Co., Ltd.
Change time: March
Reasons for the change: Tian Mian successively served as general manager of Tianjin Huali Automobile, and later served as deputy general manager of Tianjin Xiali, executive deputy general manager of FAW Xiali, and later became general manager of any sales of Toyota Motor Corporation. The return to FAW Xiali, the industry generally believes that the intelligence of Tian Tianwei during the period of FAW Toyota's marketing and management until the FAW Group's high-level recognition, hope it helps FAW Xiali to achieve self-rescue transformation.
â—† Cui Yunjiang
Original post: Vice President and Secretary of the Board of Directors of Changan Automobile Co., Ltd.
Current position: unknown
Change time: March 31
Reasons for the change: On March 31, 2014, Changan Automobile announced that the company’s board of directors had received the resignation report of Cui Yunjiang, director, vice president, and secretary of the board of directors, and Cui Yunjiang resigned from his position at Chang’an Automobile due to job changes.
â—† Zheng Shunjing
Original post: General Manager of Tesla China
Current position: unknown
Change time: March 30
Reasons for the change: Zheng Shunjing’s farewell letter and Tesla’s official in China attributed this change to “personal reasons”, but it is not difficult to speculate through Zheng Shunjing’s sudden departure that Tesla, which turned the capital market upside down, in the Chinese market The layout may not be as beautiful as its appearance, and its future development in China still has many problems to overcome.
â—† Ge Xianwen
Original Position: Deputy General Manager Ge Jiangwen, Jianghuai Automobile Marketing Corporation
Current position: unknown
Change time: March
Reason for change: The reason for the specific departure is unknown.
â—† Yang Hao
Original post: Deputy head of marketing department of Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Co., Ltd.
Current post: Nissan North America Marketing Manager
Change time: April
Reasons for the change: Yang Hao is the first Chinese employee in the history of Nissan's history to be promoted to a senior management position at the headquarters. Its significance is obvious. Peugeot’s talents experienced in the Chinese market have increasingly been reused by multinational corporations. This also shows that giants have tapped into the Chinese market. Determination.
â—† Chen Hao
Original post: Dongfeng Nissan subsidiary general manager of Dongfeng South
Current position: Deputy Head of Market Sales Department, Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Co., Ltd.
Change time: April
Reasons for the change: Former Yang Hao promoted and Chen Hao took over the job vacancy. It is understood that Chen Hao has served successively as Director of the Department of Regulations, Director of the General Economic Management Office, and Director of the Distributor Support Department of Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Company. Since July 2010, he has served as the general manager of Shenzhen Dongfeng South Industrial Group Co., Ltd. In the years of work, he has accumulated rich experience in corporate management, outstanding performance in the aspects of corporate citizenship image, distributor network development, and ability enhancement. The Dongfeng South Group under his leadership has become a multi-billion group with outstanding benefits.
â—† Mizuhide Tai Show
Original post: Dongfeng Honda General Manager
Current position: General Manager of Guangzhou Automobile Honda
Change time: April 1
Reasons for the change: The exchange of Mizuno Tai Sau between the two major joint ventures is rare in domestic joint venture companies. Prior to this, Kurashiki Seishi was a senior executive of Dongfeng Honda, but he was directly promoted to general manager of Honda China. The relocation of Mizuno may have hinted at the possibility of taking over Kurashiki Seiji in the future.
Attached: The change in the position of Mizuhide Taiho is only part of Honda's new round of personnel appointments in China. According to information from Honda's official website, China’s Minister and the General Manager of Honda Tech (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Kurashiki Seishi will perform from The post of director was promoted to executive director. Mr. Takahiro Kitahiro, the vice president of Honda Hi-Tech Industrial (China) Investment Co., Ltd. and deputy general manager of Honda Technology (China) Co., Ltd., was also promoted by the Executive Director of China Production.
The former General Motors Honda General Manager Shinko Chai Shouzhao was transferred to the Regional Minister of Europe. The company’s internal ranks were promoted to Executive Directors by executive directors.
Original post: Toyota Motor Executive Chief Engineer
Present position: Vice Chairman and General Manager of Toyota R&D Center (China) Co., Ltd., Executive Vice President of Toyota (China)
Change time: April 1
Reasons for the change: This personnel adjustment is part of Toyota's overall global personnel adjustment. Former Toyota Motor R&D Center (China) Co., Ltd. vice chairman and general manager Shan Kezhong left the company, and Mr. Oppei, who is of technical background, took over. Positions.
â—† More Jin
Original post: Head of Nissan Automobile Personnel Headquarters
Current position: Vice President of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd., General Manager of Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Co., Ltd.
Change time: April 1
Reasons for the change: Former Song Yuan Shi Ming will return to Nissan to promote to executive vice president, responsible for production and supply chain management, and beat him to his successor.

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