LED lighting enterprise channel battle is fierce

The channel is always the benchmark for the lighting industry. Whoever has the channel has absolute market occupation rights. Looking at the current channel wars in the lighting market, the war is constantly going on, and the smoke is everywhere, but no one can be called an absolute winner. Whether it is the traditional dealers to seize the battle, or the engineering channel to win the bidding war, or the new warfare e-commerce warfare, every war is to fight the soldiers and lose their strength.
Dealer channel: Merchants are not easy to maintain loyalty. It is difficult to maintain the Spring Festival of 2014. The various dealer conferences of lighting companies have blossomed everywhere. One is to release new products, promote the brand image of the company, and maintain the existing dealers. loyalty. Another important reason is the expansion of the general trend and the absorption of new dealers.
However, the actual effect of many companies' investment promotion is not obvious. The lively scenes created by huge sums of money are only a short-lived one. There are only a handful of dealers signing on-site, and there are very few dealers who follow the contract.
Perhaps lighting companies with big brands have a good reputation in terms of investment, but maintaining the loyalty of dealers is still difficult for these companies to circumvent. The dealers’ habit of bad habits makes many lighting companies have to Taking tough measures, NVC Lighting and Op Lighting have issued a ban on their dealers one after another. It is forbidden for dealers to arbitrarily operate brands that conflict with NVC and Opp Home Commercial Lighting.
Compared with the confusion of large enterprises to maintain dealers, small and medium-sized lighting companies are still facing difficulties in attracting investment in terms of channel expansion. In the stage of attracting better business, enterprises may not recruit suitable or powerful dealers, or recruit them. Dealer loyalty and distribution power are very limited, resulting in weak sales of terminal products. Some companies have even explored the market for three or five years and still have not established a perfect sales network.
Engineering channels: Difficult and hidden people's love cards are difficult to hit. Currently, many lighting projects in the market are selected by lighting suppliers. In addition to comparing hard indicators such as price and parameters, engineering bidding is also used to playing human rights cards, which also makes some cats tired. The dark tide is surging. In order to successfully win the bid, some enterprises will strengthen the interaction with the responsible bidders. Some people who can influence the bidder's choices will also become the target of many enterprises. In the case of similar prices and parameters, the bidders will prefer those. A company that will come. And the cost is increasing and the price is falling.
Under the market background, it is difficult for some companies to increase the cost of the project's human rights cards, which also makes these enterprises difficult to break through in the engineering channels. Engineering projects generally prefer to use familiar products. Over time, some derailed projects. The company has missed the project.
E-commerce channel: Taste new and easy to fight traffic is not easy with the rapid rise of Taobao, e-commerce has become a topic that the lighting industry can not avoid, lighting companies have also opened the prelude of the e-commerce war, and there is a stronger trend .
Investing in e-commerce, companies have their own choices, both the strong alliance of Chuan Ming shares in Wuyuan, but also rely on the professional shopping platform such as Tmall, Jingdong, and other companies to take advantage of the stone of the mountain, and other companies are alone Build an e-commerce platform.
However, it is still difficult to say that enterprises that have entered the e-commerce industry in a big way are embarrassed. E-commerce is indeed a difficult bone. Enterprises that have already invested in e-commerce have faced a tragic sense of sadness.
The main reason for these companies to generate such sadness is the contradiction between online and offline. The online platform seeks the experience of offline entity experience. It seems that there is an inextricable conclusion: because the online and offline operating cost structure is not In the same way, the online e-commerce platform is difficult to find the internal line of the traditional offline channels.
In addition, enterprises are also complaining about the flow of traffic. In the face of thousands of lighting products, if enterprise products want to stand out from these many products and attract consumers' attention, enterprises must compete in terms of traffic, but the interception of traffic involves click-through rate and exposure rate. And many other factors, and lighting companies that have just tried e-commerce are simply difficult to get out of the game in a short period of time.
Although the channel war is not easy to fight, but the war is imminent, lighting companies have to rush to the front of the scalp, say a thousand 10,000, product quality and good reputation is always the only magic weapon for enterprises to deal with war, therefore, whether it is Take the dealer channel, engineering channel, e-commerce channel, or both, the standard of the company is to cultivate the internal strength, plus clever marketing means, winning.

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