Industrial 4.0 wave strikes China's manufacturing industry to "cool down"

The wave of industrial 4.0 strikes China's manufacturing industry needs to "cool down to catch up"

The chairman of the China Internet Association and the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Wu Hexin, believes that the “Industry 4.0” proposed by Germany is to make the entire plant intelligent, and the essence of its processed products will be processing information. This is similar to the "industrial Internet" proposed by Americans.

According to industry insiders, in 2013, China’s sales of robots reached 36,900 units, and it will maintain at least 50,000 units per year in the next three years.

Recently, the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also stated that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will organize the development of a robotics roadmap for China and the 13th Five-Year Plan for the robot industry. According to forecast, according to the current growth rate and trend, China will become the world's largest robot market. In the “Sino-German Cooperative Action Outline: Innovation in the Plastic Industry” published on October 10, “Industry 4.0” was also listed and mentioned an unprecedented height.

At the same time, people in the industry have stated that the change in the mode of industrial economic growth is a long-term and gradual process, and China’s “Industry 4.0” cannot be achieved overnight.

Wei Jinsong, deputy director of the China Science and Technology Automation Alliance, said that as far as the current development status of China’s industry is concerned, it still remains in the “Industry 2.0” period as a whole, and there is still a certain degree of difficulty in pushing it to “4.0” in one step. He said: "Some enterprises have become more fashionable, and have taken the lead in implementing "machine substitution", but they have not achieved the goal of reducing costs and improving efficiency."

Wei Jinsong said frankly that robots must be combined with detection technology and intelligent technology. In the concept of “Industry 4.0”, robots are not merely machines, but are complete systems that can be detected, adapted, and self-optimized. "The enterprise transformation must also be considered comprehensively and cannot be upgraded for upgrade."

Long Yongtu, co-chairman of the Global CEO Development Conference, stated that the transformation of China's industry must draw on the experience of developed countries and combine its own national conditions. "China's actual national conditions include not only a large number of traditional industries, but also rapidly emerging industries. The process of eliminating backward production capacity and upgrading traditional industries will not be accomplished overnight. The development of new industries must also be gradual and follow the rules of the market," Long Yongtu said.

Wu Lei, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economics and Information Technology, said that while the high-end equipment industry, including robots, is growing explosively, it is still necessary to maintain a clear head and try to avoid experiencing repetitive investment, excess capacity, and resources. Waste and market painstaking process. Wu Lei believes that to promote the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry, it should also maintain a calm and fully respect the laws of the market.

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