Environmental Sanitation Garbage Vehicle Types and Main Applications

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Garbage trucks are divided into: compact garbage trucks, dump trucks, swing arm garbage trucks, self-loading garbage trucks, sealed garbage trucks, and pull-arm garbage trucks. Mainly include: Dongfeng, Chang'an series; products are divided into: Dongfeng bully dump truck, Dongfeng Dolly Kara arm garbage truck, Dongfeng light truck compression garbage truck, Dongfeng 140 gasoline swing arm garbage truck, Dongfeng 145 type pendulum Arm garbage truck, Dongfeng 153 compression garbage truck, Changan micro-sealed garbage truck and so on. Garbage trucks are mainly used for municipal sanitation and large-scale factories and mines to transport all kinds of rubbish. They are particularly suitable for transporting residential garbage, and can compress and crush the loaded rubbish to increase its density and reduce its size, which greatly improves garbage collection. And the efficiency of transportation. The new type of garbage truck has the characteristics of reliable quality, low failure rate, convenient maintenance and low operating cost.

According to the brand classification: Dongfeng series garbage truck, Jiefang series garbage truck, Beiqi Futian series garbage truck, Jiangling series garbage truck and so on.

According to the model classification: miniature garbage trucks, small garbage trucks, medium-sized garbage trucks, heavy garbage trucks, single-bridge garbage trucks, double-bridge garbage trucks, flat garbage trucks, pointed garbage trucks, etc.

Classified according to species: Cassidy garbage truck, Dolika garbage truck, 145 garbage truck, 153 garbage truck, 1208 garbage truck, Changan micro garbage truck, Foton micro garbage truck, etc.

Classification according to use: dump truck, swing arm type (ground pit dual-purpose type) garbage truck, sealed garbage truck, hanging bucket garbage truck, pull arm garbage truck, compression garbage truck, compartment Garbage trucks, rear loading and unloading garbage trucks, etc.

Garbage truck chassis: Garbage trucks can use Dongfeng chassis, liberation chassis, Futian chassis, heavy truck chassis.

Main purpose of garbage truck

Garbage trucks are mainly used to transport domestic garbage, but also to transport bulk construction materials such as ash, sand, stone, and earth, and also to send ore or coal in mines or coal construction.

Garbage truck features: garbage bucket can be hung up and down, the swing arm once working cycle time 60S, the characteristics of this car is separated from the body of the garbage bucket, can achieve a combination of a vehicle and a plurality of rubbish bucket, circular transport, fully improved The transport capacity of vehicles is particularly suitable for short-distance transport, such as the sanitation department's clean-up and transport of urban garbage.

Garbage Truck Compression Garbage Truck

★ Compression type garbage truck: adopts electromechanical and hydraulic integration technology, with the aid of automatic Control System of machine, electricity, and liquid, through the special equipment such as carriage, filling device and push shovel, to realize the garbage pouring, crushing or flattening, and powerful filling. Squeeze the garbage into the carriage and compact it and evade it. Its main features are simple and efficient garbage collection, high efficiency, automatic repeated compression and peristaltic compression, high compression ratio, high loading quality, automated operation, good dynamics and environmental protection, and high vehicle utilization efficiency.

★ Compression type garbage truck Description: Compression type garbage truck mainly adopts special devices such as waste bin, filling device, push shovel, hydraulic system, etc. to realize garbage pouring, crushing or flattening. The compression type garbage truck produced by Xinzhong Green Company has Garbage collection is convenient, efficient, with automatic repetitive compression and peristaltic compression, high compression ratio, large load, automated operation, and good sealing.

★ The compression type garbage truck is totally sealed. The sewage in the compression process directly enters the sewage chamber and completely solves the secondary pollution in the garbage transportation process. The key components are imported components. ★ With a bucket lifting rack, it can be used with the national general iron hanging bucket or plastic hanging bucket, and powerful loading, pushing the garbage into the carriage and compacting and evacuating.

Other introduction

Swing arm garbage truck introduction

Swing Arm Type Garbage Truck Multi-way Valves are manufactured by Sichuan Changjiang Hydraulic Parts Factory. Functions: Urban garbage collection, transfer, simple structure, flexible operation, reliable performance, high transfer efficiency (one vehicle can be equipped with multiple garbage buckets), etc. Features.

Garbage truck products are mainly used for carrying garbage, bulk materials such as ash, sand, stone, earth, etc., as well as for transporting ore or coal in mines or coal construction.

Sealed garbage truck

The sealed garbage truck is mainly composed of a car chassis, a box body, a door opening mechanism, a lifting mechanism, an electro-hydraulic control system, etc. It is a new type of mechanical, electric, and liquid integrated full-sealing structure garbage transportation vehicle, which not only can be used with LSY. The use of a series of garbage stations can also be widely used for garbage transportation in urban residents' living areas, industrial areas, commercial areas, schools, parks, scenic spots and other places.

Hanging bucket garbage truck

The bucket-type garbage truck, also called self-loading garbage truck, is composed of a sealed garbage container, a hydraulic system, and an operating system. A car can be equipped with dozens of trash cans, which can realize the joint operation of a single truck and multiple trash cans and recycle transportation, and fully improve the transport capacity of vehicles. It is especially suitable for short-distance transport, such as the sanitation department's cleaning and transportation of urban garbage. Wait. Its main characteristic is that the garbage collection method is simple and efficient, environmental protection is good, and the efficiency of vehicle utilization is high.

At the same time, the garbage can also be installed with other functions to form other multi-functional garbage trucks, such as: hanging-type garbage trucks, hanging-type garbage trucks, and bucket-type docking garbage trucks.

Docking garbage truck

The docking garbage truck is a special garbage truck for the garbage compression station, with a hydraulic back cover that can be opened at the back, and the compressed garbage block is inserted from behind to increase the transport volume of the garbage. This car is sealed and can also prevent secondary pollution during transportation.

Other vehicle status:

Scope of application: Garbage trucks are widely used in urban street garbage disposal. They have self-unloading function, hydraulic operation, and easy dumping.

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