Entrepreneurs talk about the 30 years of dramatic changes in the lighting industry

On June 9, 2014, the world's largest lighting exhibition and LED exhibition - Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition is about to lead the phoenix to the nest, once again hit. At that time, the 2014 Aladdin Lighting Forum, which has been in full swing for a long time, will also blow up the assembly number and open a feast for exclusive lighting. The Aladdin Lighting Forum has a lot of highlights. What attracts attention is the "age show" that shows the development of lighting. Listen to the entrepreneurs to tell the story of the industry, think from the perspective of the historical period, plan from the current development, and look at the development trend of the future lighting industry. Looking back at the past and looking to the future. Look at the 30 years of lighting changes, discuss the lighting industry business strategy. This is an entrepreneurial story that cannot be copied but is definitely worth learning. They have the hard work of the older generation, the passion of entrepreneurs of the new generation, and the higher knowledge and broader vision. It can also generate more new ideas, new models, and new miracles to promote the future development of the lighting industry. After 60: “Fast” is a unique feature of this era. As a senior lighting person after 60 years, Yin Wei, Managing Director of Teyous Optoelectronics Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., analyzed the development history of the lighting industry from a unique perspective of the post-60s. And in-depth discussion of the current hot topics related to innovation, branding, integration, price reduction and other LED industry. From his words, we have seen the wisdom of this "coming man" and also realized his faint concern and ardent hope for the LED industry. As the representative of the lighting CEO after 60, Yin Yi grew with the development of the lighting industry. Witnessed the development of the lighting industry, and also witnessed the economic development. It can be described as rich in experience and faced with many changes, and participated in the process of planning and modernization of the lighting industry. Yin Kang said that before the 1980s, the market at that time was still a five-way system, and then slowly transitioned to market-oriented operation. At this time, the nature of the enterprises was different and the characteristics were different: 1. The township enterprises developed rapidly during this period, such as sunlight lighting. 2, state-owned enterprises are facing transformation, they are continually adapting, changing corporate strategies during this period, such as Yaming, Buddha photos; 3, international brands also entered China during this period, such as Philips, flocking to the Chinese market; international brands entering the Chinese market It also brought some changes, such as brand, talent management, market-oriented operation and other factors. The combination of many parties led to rapid progress in the domestic market during this period. In the 21st century, the most important thing is the WTO (International Trade Organization). At this time, the industry is facing the development of channels, the rise of the tertiary industry, commercialization, and residential commercialization, which has led to the booming of the industry. . For the market at the time, Yin Kang used two words to summarize: “Flying up and down” and “fast”! The industry is developing rapidly, all kinds of enterprises are adapting to each other, and the number of tactics is different, which causes the enterprises in the market to change, and then the overall mechanism is also change. It is true that in the 60 years and early 70s, the industry has great influence and has a strong position in the industry. Other industries are also. Ma Yun, Lei Jun, etc. are CEOs of this age. Their common characteristics are to witness the development of the industry, so that they have rich experience and maintain the habit of innovation to ensure the healthy development of the company. But as he said, 2014 must be a period of restlessness. LED lighting is about to enter a peak period of change. The only thing that lighting companies can do is to welcome the big times with the best attitude. After 70: There is no shortcut to success, that is, through continuous innovation, Lin Qifeng, chairman of Shenzhen Zhouming Technology Co., Ltd., is a born entrepreneur. Before doing LED, he started doing business from elementary school, and then worked in more than ten occupations. Sold the dishes, assembled audio, transformer sales, opened clothing stores, sold ceramics, worked as a technician, worked as an engineer, full-time speculation, opened a shop and so on. For the sake of my own life, I will tirelessly explore for life. For his career choices, Lin Yifeng once said, "The most favorite, the most obsessed is still entering the LED industry." Not because of the success now, but from the heart of love. Time flies back to 1994, seven years ago, Lin Fengfeng graduated from school to society. At that time, Shenzhen was bathing in the spring breeze of reform and opening up, and the city was undergoing rapid changes. The wholesale market for electronic products was particularly hot. Lin Biaofeng decisively aimed at this business. In the face of numerous notices of employment, Lin Weifeng chose to become an ordinary assistant engineer under the Hewlett-Packard electronic product agent. “Registering three companies is both an entrepreneurial and an industry choice.” Recalling the diversification of the entrepreneurial stage, Lin Fengfeng said. At that time, the company did not have much original capital accumulation. We must follow the market, what the market needs, and what we will act for. Lin Yifeng of the "Iron Age" has thoroughly studied various channels and agency mechanisms, and found the weaknesses of competitors, and developed corresponding marketing promotion strategy marketing promotion strategy. This experience is the marketing channel of Zhouming Technology in the LED industry. Innovation has laid a solid foundation. At the same time, human light source is undergoing an unprecedented revolution. LED has emerged as an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly green industry. In particular, some large-scale image projects and cultural and sports activities have adopted LED displays, which have enabled more and more consumers to start. Cognitive LED. In Lin Biaofeng's view, LED technology has not yet reached the stage of comprehensive replacement of traditional light sources, but the application in the display field market has certain conditions. If it can be promptly involved, enterprises are likely to take this opportunity to embark on a successful path. "Golden Avenue". Talking about the concept of success, Lin Yifeng believes that there is no shortcut to success. It is to continually innovate, decompose one goal, and sprint at an extraordinary speed to win the victory of each race. After 80: The lighting era full of opportunities and challenges should be said that no one has such an open and so relaxed entrepreneurial environment. In the face of the wave of entrepreneurship, the entire industry is actively thinking about change. After the 80s, it has become a division of the times. Some people say that people born in the 1980s have a rich material life, but they lack spiritual trust and respect. Then, what is the posture after the 80s in the lighting wave? How do they grow up in the booming period of the lighting industry? The lighting people after the 80s have agile thinking, the concept of advancing with the times, and the awareness of advancement. , preaching the strength and fearlessness of the new generation. Liu Jun, deputy general manager of Guangzhou Guangya Network Technology Co., Ltd., is a typical 80s. For the future of the lighting industry, full of hope and expectation. He once said, "We can't decide whether we can succeed, but at least we can decide when to work hard." Meng Shunqing, the general manager of Shanghai Liangfan E-Commerce Co., Ltd., has achieved remarkable results in the short-term one year in the field of lighting e-commerce. He said: "In the middle of the market, running in the Middle East will be asked about some problems with lighting e-commerce, but I have not succeeded. I am only a pathfinder." For his favorite lighting e-commerce business, he believes At present, LED lighting channels are still not clear enough in the industry. This is a long-term, ladder-like process that requires us to constantly explore and practice. However, the e-commerce channel is faced with individual consumers, the number of products purchased is limited, and the LED lighting civilian market is not yet mature, so the income of this piece will be scattered. But in the long run, the e-commerce channel will become the main resource for LED merchants to compete for. The current lighting industry is entering an era of great prosperity and great development. What are the opportunities for China's lighting industry? How do the tides in the depths stir up the wave of development? We carefully selected different representatives of the age field, interpret the process of China's lighting industry from different angles, and look at those people in the era of lighting prosperity. . Walk into the Aladdin Lighting Forum, listen to the voice of lighting entrepreneurs, and understand the pulse of the industry!

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