Causes of Front Plate Brake and Rear Drum Brake for Tanker Trucks

Since 20 September 2012, tanker cars on households is necessary Qianpanhougu brake ability on the card. Many users have come to ask what is the front brake drum brake? What kind of effect does it have in practice?

Disc brake and drum brake operating principle:
The front disc is actually different from the rear disc. The disc brake is often used on models with smaller displacements or on light cars. The braking method is on hydraulic models with front disc rear brakes. Wheel brakes are used (mostly cars).
The difference between the two is very significant in practice, disc brakes easier to use than drum brakes. Asbestos data in the brake drum can cause cancer. Drum brakes and disc brakes have their advantages and disadvantages. In terms of braking effect, the difference between the drum brake and the disc brake is not great, because when the brakes are applied, the tire and the friction on the ground gradually stop the car. If the car body is delicate, the car body is light and the rear brake drum brake is enough to make the tire and the ground meet friction. If the rear-wheel brakes are used, the ABS and EBD systems will also actively reduce their braking force to ensure that the rear wheels will not lose their grip and become slippery and hung.
In terms of heat dissipation, the disk brake heats up faster than the drum brake, and the heat dissipation effect of the ventilating disk brake is very good. In the degree of activity, the disk brake will be higher, but when the brake disk is muddy, the brake disk is stained with mud. The brake effect will be greatly reduced, which is also a defect of the disc brakes; in terms of cost, the drum brake is lower than the disc brake, and the service life is longer. Therefore, some mid-to-high-end vehicles will choose drum brakes, and models above mid-to-high grade will be adopted. Four wheel brakes.
The advantages of disc brakes:
Disc brakes have good heat dissipation because the brake discs are exposed to air and the heat that occurs during braking can be dissipated directly into the air! Improve the stability and braking performance of the braking system! This is its most outstanding strength! Relative to drum brakes, the layout of disc brakes is relatively simple and the braking heat is good! Disc brake car wading is not simple water!
Disadvantages of disc brakes: The layout of disc brakes is more complex than that of drum brakes, and the demand for brake calipers and piping systems is also higher, and the cost is higher than that of drum brakes; when a person suffers from muddy rain and muddy roads The disc brakes the effect of the brakes when it gets stuck in the sand.
Drum brake strengths:
Drum brakes have outstanding self-braking effect, because the brake pads are out, the wheel rotates with the external brake drum to distort a viewpoint (of course, not so big enough to make it easy to see) the brake to make the external tension (brake The greater the braking force, the more significant the scene. Therefore, large-size vehicles are still equipped with drum brakes. In addition to the lower cost, the drum brakes of large and small vehicles can be equipped with large-scale pneumatic assistance. Small cars use vacuum assistance to assist the brakes. Drum brakes have a lower skill level and are the first to be used in the brake system. Therefore, the production costs are lower than the disc brakes.
Drum brake defects: Because the drum brake brakes to seal the film in the brake drum, forming a brake to make the chip after the grinding can not disperse, affect the brake drum and brake shoe contact surface and affect the brake function.
The use of brakes and regional climate is still very much linked, cold areas do not have to drum better than the disc type, there is no question of overheating in the first ice area, followed by cooling disc is better, it will cause cold and hot brake pads in the cold area Replace frequently, drop it's life.

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