Bridgestone new layout commercial tire field

Bridgestone (China) Investment Co., Ltd. has recently released two new types of tires for commercial vehicles . They are the Bridgestone brand L317, which is suitable for the extreme road surface of mines, and the Feng Chitong, which is suitable for medium and short-distance mixed roads. "The brand ST3000. Among them, L317 is Bridgestone's first-to-market products for trucks and buses used in the extreme road conditions.

In recent years, with the segmented development of the industrial structure of the commercial vehicle market, Bridgestone has strengthened the promotion of its series of truck and bus tire products. A few days ago, the Bridgestone brand has formed three series of heavy load conquering (heavy series), diverse versatile (wide series), and comprehensive optimization (excellent series), and has nearly 100 kinds of products for different conditions of use. At the same time, the company's second-largest brand, Feng Chi Tong, has formed a mutually complementary product chain with the Bridgestone brand.

Mine road special products - L317

As a new member of the Bridgestone Commercial Vehicle Tyre Diversify Series, the L317 is an all-round product for heavy-duty applications such as short-haul mines and construction sites, as well as Bridgestone commercial vehicle tires. The only special product that faces the extreme road conditions in the mine. L317 currently has two specifications of 11.00R20 and 12.00R20.

According to reports, L317 uses tread rubber with good resistance to injury/blocking, which effectively increases the tear resistance of tread rubber by 30%. In addition, the reinforced crown and bead structure ensure that the product has better heavy-duty and cutting resistance under harsh road conditions. At the same time, the unique large tread pattern and deep groove tread design allows the product to maintain excellent driving performance and long service life even under adverse road conditions.

“Feng Chi Tong” Brand New Product——ST3000

The ST3000 is an all-wheel tire that focuses on the heavy-duty durability of the product. It also has 11.00R20 and 12.00R20 specifications.

Thanks to the use of a special tread rubber formula and a horizontal block design, the product has good resistance to external cutting and driving performance when driving on mixed roads. Compared with its existing product UT3000SUPER, ST3000 has better durability performance. In the comparison of the performance of the two products, the ST3000 has a 50% improvement in the blast-resistance blasting performance of the crown and a 30% increase in the strength of the carcass wire.

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