Analysis of Work Process of Field Microclimate Automatic Observer

Analyze the working process of the field microclimate automatic observer The field microclimate automatic observer is an intelligent instrument that uses digital sampling technology to analyze and process signals. Agricultural growth requires a certain external environment. Generally, it is provided by nature. Parameters such as temperature, humidity, illuminance, carbon dioxide content, and rainfall are all provided by the natural world. However, as the process of industrialization continues to accelerate, the natural environment has become More and more bad, how to provide agricultural modernization in an increasingly harsh environment is an important issue for us to study.
The field microclimate automatic observer is a scientific instrument used to timely measure field climate. The instrument is also called a small automatic weather station or a field environment recorder. Here we mainly analyze how the specific work flow of the field environment recorder is.
The work process of the field environment recorder is as follows: 1. The measured signal is converted into an electrical signal with a proper amplitude; 2. The discrete signal is converted into a digital quantity using a high-precision AD converter; 3. The collected data is acquired by a microprocessor. The digital quantity is calculated; 4. The result of the final calculation is displayed on the liquid crystal in a digital form. The field microclimate automatic observer can collect real-time parameters such as temperature, humidity, dew point, light intensity, light quantum effective radiation, CO2 concentration, wind speed, and wind direction in the air. It is widely used in such fields as facility agriculture, forestry, horticulture, and animal husbandry to realize automatic monitoring of comprehensive ecological information of facility agriculture and automatic control and intelligent management of the environment. Its characteristic instrument digital display, small and portable, mass data storage, computer curve display, with good accuracy and stability.
The storage, maintenance and maintenance of the field microclimate automatic observer: 1. The instrument should be handled with care and must not be thrown; 2. If the instrument is not used, the battery should be removed to prolong the service life of the battery and prevent the battery from overflowing and corroding the instrument; 3. Storage conditions of the instrument: a) Ambient temperature: (0~50)°C; b) Relative humidity: <90%RH; c) Chemicals and other chemicals that should be kept dry, free of acid, alkali, flammable, explosive etc. in the warehouse Corrosive gases.

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