90% of the coaxial cable outlet has achieved 400Mbps high speed

Recently, MoCA announced the latest test results of the coaxial multimedia consortium, 90% of the coaxial cable outlet has achieved high transmission speed of 400Mbps. It is reported that volunteer families living in different states of the United States have received the test suite provided by the MoCA Alliance, which includes the MoCA Alliance designed to run on a laptop automatic application testing, and some have MoCA 2.0 certified devices. The application creates a working MoCA 2.0 network and tests every coaxial jack on the network from 500MHz to 1.6GHz. The field test does not set any special requirements, such as conditions of residential building materials, the service life or condition of the line, and the types of pay TV services, will not be considered as a factor in selecting volunteer families. The main purpose of this field test is to collect the test results of different home facilities based on coaxial cable in a real environment.

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